Leopards Basketball - 8th Grade Boys


Blake Martin

Byron Butler

Carson Cooper

Collin Cooper

Jackson Luce

Jake Ludlum

Kealyn Oliphant

Ticer Havens

Tyler Provence

Blake Westback

Ryan Lusby

Alex Royer

Chase Anderson

Dustin Stone

Chase Mackey

Parker Norris

Sam Giannoni

Tanner Michaels

Trent Easley

Brandon Henderson

Cody Holstead

Hayden Marsh

Jace Melby

Hayden Williams

Dillon Martin

John Ticer

Austin Hartter

Austin Freeman

Taylor Lewis

Matthew Kotecki

Reid Jarvis

Tyler Bailey

Mark Zanders

8th Grade - A Team

8th Grade - B Team

8th Grade - C Team

Coach Kyle Herrema

Head Varsity Coach

Coach Billy Thompson

Assistant Coach

Coach Greg Christensen

Assistant Coach

Coach Justin Kauffman

Student Volunteer (UNT)

Here they are again..

3 Coaches

4 Coaches


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